Secret Wash

With a brand history of providing affordable soap to millions in the developing world, Lifebuoy Colour Changing Handwash wanted to help prevent illness by getting more kids across India and Indonesia washing their hands.

We knew we needed to turn handwashing from a boring chore into something kids actually want to do. So we looked to what we knew to be true about how kids play together: creating characters, setting challenges, inventing their own secret languages and handshakes.

The Lifebuoy Secret Wash campaign hinged on a series of specially choreographed hand-wash routines; a sequence of ‘secret’ moves for kids to master and pound, smash and shimmy away bacteria and dirt.

Our routines were shared as online films, alongside TVC cutdowns. They were supported with a secret online club and tailored Facebook content. So far, our films have collected over 3 million views, with demand prompting Bahasa and Arabic translations.