Jemima’s eBook

Sometimes it’s difficult for support workers to really get to know the residents under their care. With so much paperwork to contend with, it’s common for the functional aspects of care to take priority over the emotional.

The Brooke family (who, incidentally, win our smallest and loveliest client prize) approached us with a personal project to help their daughter Jemima.

To help carers to familiarise themselves with all elements of her big personality, as well as her specific physical requirements, we developed an interactive support tool. Laden with information, photos and videos, the editable eBook paints a complete picture about Jemima - allowing for a smoother transition between support workers at her care home.

Currently in use solely for Jemima’s needs, the long-term goal is to roll the eBook out as a gold standard of care for people with physical and learning difficulties.