When Dove Body Wash was planning its re-launch in Japan, we were asked to help explain the science behind Dove’s NutriumMoisture technology to its consumers.

This presented some challenges. Like how to marry 'science' with 'real women' and how to get round our Japanese audience's difficulty in pronouncing 'nutrium'. This was further compounded by our consumer's widely held perception of Dove as a cold ‘foreign’ brand. 

Our solution was simply to invite real Women on the streets of Tokyo and Osaka to 'retell' Dove's story for us. Our wrinkle was to insist that their words to be expressed in the form of a ‘haiku’; a traditional poem made up of 17 syllables. For many of our women this was the first time they'd written a Haiku since their school days, but they leapt at the chance to transform Dove's story into poetry.

The content we created as a result ranged from edits for TV and Digital, as well as over fifty individual Haiku videos for Social Media. Transforming perceptions, the campaign enabled Dove to find a new local voice for its brand.