Demand More

Sanofi Genzyme wanted to create a greater sense of urgency around multiple sclerosis, and let the world know that it’s time to Demand More from life with MS.

Too often, MS is managed using a ‘wait and see’ approach; simply monitoring the disease over a period of months or even years, rather than starting treatment at the time of diagnosis. The challenge with this approach is that MS can continue to progress during this time, even causing permanent damage.

Patients can also get so caught up in the day to day struggles of living with MS, they may fail to recognise the long term progression of their disease.

So Sanofi Genzyme asked us to help them expose the ‘wait and see’ approach for what it is, a risk.

Using eMPI, we identified a new influencer in the MS community, the ‘Fearless Interferers’: Those close to people living with MS who ask the difficult questions and persuade their loved ones to Demand More from their futures. This new audience enabled us to build a strong campaign in an uncluttered space.

Alongside helpful tools for people living with MS  and those close to them, the ‘Demand More’ campaign let Telma, André, Antonia and their Fearless Interferers tell their own stories in their own words. They revealed how, after long periods of difficulty, their ‘Fearless Interferers’ helped them find ways to Demand More from their lives with MS.

We’ve had overwhelming success, with people spending an average of over 4 minutes on the Demand More Youtube channel, inspiring countless others to just accept a future they don’t want, and Demand More from their lives with MS.