What We Do

Simply put, we help you tell authentic brand stories that change your consumers’ behaviour.

Revealing Your True Consumer

We know the real secret to discovering your perfect match is seeing the world the same way they do. That's why, in collaboration with Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists, our insight team has created an innovative tool called eMPI (Evidently Multiphasic Profile Index). eMPI's unique, patented toolset enables you to enter your consumer's world, revealing the mindsets and motivations that drive their everyday decisions. The process effortlessly combines your existing data with eMPI's empirically verified clinical library. Its step by step process then decodes behaviours into clinical mindsets; uncovering hidden unmet needs and creating powerful new insights.

We know there's nothing worse than a plan that requires a team of strategists to understand it, that's why eMPI's approach is remarkably simple to implement, and best of all it makes sense too. Your eMPI Mindset Report concisely encapsulates the findings into clear and practical guidance.

Authoring Authentic Stories

Claiming to be the Authors of Authenticity assumes that authenticity isn’t simply just a result of capturing what’s real. Let us explain how we decode authorship and why our process for devising your narrative delivers consistent, authentic results that resonate with your audience.

Strategy First

The channels need to be right for the strategy, not the other way around. So we start with an expertise in digital strategy and use the right tools for the job, without playing favourites. We have in-house expertise in creative, design and digital filmmaking, alongside an ability to execute using the latest technologies. From a Facebook video post to a Snapchat Story, a classified ad to a special build 96 sheet - every piece of content we create tells a story.