Santa’s extra 45 mins sleep kit - download your kit below

Christmas, we tell our kids, is a time when we look after those who need it most. And the people who need it most by Christmas morning are their exhausted parents. We all know kids are unable to stay in bed for even a moment on Christmas morning. We also know that while parents love a 5am start as much as the next person, they wouldn’t mind an extra 45 minutes in bed on the big day.

So this Christmas, we’ve created Santa’s extra 45 minutes sleep kit.

Each one contains a letter from Santa and secret missions for kids to complete in absolute silence. Plus some specially designed sleep masks and do-not-disturb kits for the older, feebler members of the family.


You can also download and make your own. Simply put the cards and letter on your child’s bedside table after they’ve gone to sleep on Christmas Eve. Hang your preferred Do Not Disturb sign, don your sleep mask and drift off to sleep safe in the knowledge you’ll be starting Christmas at a far more civilised hour.

We wi-sssshhhhh you a peaceful,
harmonious holiday time.