With all this Christmas cheer . . .

Best ads of 2015

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without... the inevitable avalanche of “best-of” lists and end-of-year rankings. This one showcases emerging themes in ad-land (with the added bonus of some pretty great campaigns).

Special mention must go to Ribena for delivering an ad that is knee-jerkingly addictive and surreally weird in equal measure (think bopping bunny rabbits, ridiculously catchy soundtrack, and mad hedgehogs in top hats) - in a good way. The tech-led trend continues with Android’s “Friends Furever” video - furry animals making friends always = a winner.

But the hottest emerging theme of the year must be the focus by so many brands on gender. Campaigns like Dove’s “Choose Beautiful”, “Unstoppable” from Always, and Shiseido’s refreshingly audacious “High School Girl?” put gender issues firmly front and centre.

YouTube debuts Trending tab with the ten most popular clips of 2015

More end-of-year lists!

YouTube has added a Trending tab to make it easier to find the most popular videos on the platform.  Visible on the homepage, the tab uses an algorithm based on comments, views, and "external references”. It collects all of the selected videos in one place instead of recommending them within YouTube's homepage.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this in 2016 to see what’s lighting up the internet. At the top of the chart today? “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (unfortunately just the movie trailer).

Twitter will now display your image in full - phew

Oversharers of the world - fear not! Twitter is finally addressing its image problem by incorporating full-display images for photos shared via tweets. This has been frustrating us for some time now so we were very relieved to hear the news that Twitter is no longer cropping images in the Twitter feed. The platform’s auto-cropping of images has been a bit of a bugbear - but from now on they’ll be taking a leaf out of/playing catch-up to entirely visual social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, by updating the way shared images are displayed. Tweeted photos will now be shared in their fully glory, and tweeting multiple photos will now be displayed in a more visually-appealing gallery format. ‘Tis indeed the season to be jolly!

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