Who’s winning social media?

Shortys glory

If you haven’t heard of the Shortys then, well, you’re welcome. Celebrating the best brands and content creators, the Shorty Awards recognise campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, SnapChat and the like. AdWeek has done a good job at rounding up the winners for your perusal.  


Facebook enlists . . .

Facebook made another cheeky move this month, launching a new branded video program called Anthology on the same date as YouTube’s 10th Anniversary. Partnering with video publishing heavyweights such as Funny or Die, Vice and The Onion, Anthology works by partnering publishers with brands to create custom campaigns on Facebook.

Mashable report this is a savvy way for Facebook to make money from its video business, which has quadrupled its views over the last year. We’ll be keeping a beady eye on the kind of content produced.


This snuck in from May - Periscope steals the biggest show of the year

There has been lots of talk about Periscope, stealing Meerkat’s thunder in March when it was bought by Twitter. Periscope is a live video streaming app and was used to live stream the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight to countless other Periscope users, free of charge.

There’s nothing illegal about using the app, but of course many people appropriated its functions to stream Mayweather’s victory to other users. This sporting event was a pretty big deal for the broadcasters, who were offering pay per view packages of up to $100 - all that potential profit, nullified by an app that hasn’t even been on the market that long.