What set the internet on fire in April?

How old do I look? No, wait, don’t answer that...

This Microsoft app quickly found itself on newsfeeds and timelines across the globe.  It analyses photos you upload to try and guess your age and gender, and has caught on like wildfire. All sorts of faces are being ruthlessly judged, from Disney Princesses to Game of Thrones characters, as well as a certain Evidently editor who was NOT happy with the result...cough...46...cough cough (it was a bad light Kristian).


The Emoji evolution

Team Brain Food are very much enjoying what we’ve coined the Emoji Renaissance. Firstly, a recent world wide report on Emoji use found that Canadians love the poop emoji the best (which is about as rebellious as it gets in Canada). Secondly, you can now keep up to date on which emojis are trending on twitter LIVE with Emoji Tracker. And Microsoft has recently gone out on a limb to give the ‘middle finger emoji’ its unbridled support. Basically, it’s all happening.


May the 4th be with you (sorry, compulsory joke).

Since the new trailer was released last month, social media has been abuzz with Star Wars talk. To be fair, it’s hard to watch the trailers without getting a tingle up the spine. On Storify CNBC has started a great collection of social media responses -  shout out to Matthew McConaughey’s emotional reaction video, which has collected 9.5 million views and counting. And may we recommend the instagram account too? Straight up Star Wars gold.