We love the internet

Belgians respond to terror with cats

As a nation responded to a national emergency, its people reacted with... cats. Belgian police asked the public to keep any information they might have about counter-terrorism activity off social media. In typical internet fashion, one person starts something - and everyone else jumps on with cats. Using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown to feature images of cute cats, the country united to show that in a time of uncertainty and fear, they can still have a laugh and share some cute pictures of cats. What else could bring a nation together on the internet better than cats? Internet: 1, Terrorism: 0.


Some December trending genius for you. With Star Wars about to be released and Donald Trump on our screens way more than we like this was most welcome.  Donald Trump sound bites dubbed over Darth Vader? Say no more.

Glitter beards for Christmas

Hipsters - can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

Which brings us to the silliest thing we’ve heard all silly season, glitter beards.

Last year, it was Bauble beards. This year, the hipsters’ latest must-have accessory is - glitter. The result? It looks like that time you got so wasted at the Christmas party and woke up the next day to photographic evidence of what your colleagues have done to your face.