Our favourite Christmas crackers

Santa’s Sleep Kit - Don’t wake the weak… 

Bit of a cheeky plug, but we’re going to put it out there - we think our Christmas mailer deserves more than a passing mention.  Creative Brief thought so too and put us in their round up of the best Christmas work this year!  Hoorah. This year we focused on a simple truth about Christmas — that kids often wake their parents up at the crack of dawn to kick off festivities. With this in mind, we created Santa’s Extra Sleep Kit — a fun way to keep kids occupied while the grown-ups clock up a bit more rest.  Download yours here!

Kwik Fit nails Christmas

Tapping into the cuteness factor for the holiday season, Kwik Fit has pulled off a great experiential stunt for kids by surprising them with Santa Claus getting his sleigh checked by the crew at Kwik Fit before setting flight. The car servicing company has turned tyre checking into something quite sweet for Christmas, and the low production values in this video don’t matter when you see the reactions on the children’s faces. Awww.

Muppets genius from Warburtons Crumpets

The Muppets have a special place in our hearts, so we were very pleased when this Warburtons extravaganza graced our screens.  With all of your favourite Muppets characters (and classic Muppet cheer) this is cute, funny, and quite brilliant.  We could now do with a crumpet, a cup of tea and reruns of the Muppets.  Merry Crumpets everybody.

Sainsbury’s Christmas treat:  Mog the Cat

Another classic. Mog the Cat, who famously started as a children’s picture book, has been reimagined for the modern day in a live-action shoot for Sainsbury’s featuring a CGI Mog.

This delightful film pulls out all the stops with a tale of Christmas spirit, and we really do love it (though it might be because we’re a sucker for cats as well). Just watch it, if you haven’t already.

Spoofing John Lewis - thanks Aldi

Ok we’re just going to say it - we’re not the biggest fans of this year's John Lewis Christmas Advert. Last year their ad with Monty the Penguin had us in tears every time we saw it - but this year, not so much (the old man wants to be at Christmas, not just watching everyone else having fun, no?).  

So we really enjoyed Aldi’s playful spoof of The Man on the Moon.  A sneaky nod to Aldi’s cheaper prices this Christmas, but you’ve got to love the cheeky suggestion that this Man on the Moon will not be spending his holiday season alone!