Malika Favre, French Illustrator in London

I’m a great fan of the illustrator Malika Favre, ex-Airside graphic designer.
I came across her work while living in London and have also met her a few times in person.  She may well have thought I was stalking her, as there was only few days between each “rencontre”. My approach was a silly little chat about her work, mentioning that her illustration style is a great source of inspiration and really refreshing.
Her latest work has to be my favourite so far. A series of illustrations, commissioned by MeriMedia for the iPad Summer 2012 issue of Gucci Style, a digital fashion magazine from the luxurious Gucci house.

She is definitely retained her minimalist approach and boldness for these french fashion postcards style, and has incorporated new elements and depth that I never noticed before in her work.  Her use of shading, gradient and textures, which soften and gives a less vectorised feel to the “sun burnt”, over exposed bodies.

I really enjoy her work and am quite excited about what will come next!