First book on Instagram!

Look at me Book

Unfolding one page a day, ‘Look at Me Book’ is the brainchild of Creative Director Jason Sperling.  The ‘book’  uses lovely illustrations combined with text to reflect on new rules for brands in an attention-scarce world.  By putting it on Instagram the idea is to reach people where they are already consuming media,  and (in the words of the man himself):

“Rather than give advice in typical laissez faire fashion, I thought it would be an interesting wrinkle to take the rules I was espousing and actually apply to myself (after all, all marketers are consumers and books are consumer products). I would attempt to demonstrate them, and to a certain degree, prove whether I was full of wisdom or full of shit. What could I do to serpentine expectations, create a pink unicorn, apply improv skills and be a great host when people came over?”

We think he's full of wisdom.