Amazing April:  Our top three picks

Hyundai reached new levels of epic with their most recent content

Really, you should just watch the video. It’s worth it. But, by way of an intro, Hyundai have helped a 13 year old girl send a message to her father IN SPACE, via tire tracks made in the desert...

Hyundai sent 11 Genesis sedans to the desert (Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada), along with an international team that included a film crew, stunt drivers and surveyors. The vehicles were fitted with special studded tires to make tracks in the sand, which could be seen from space.

The vehicles then proceeded to write out a message from Stephanie to her dad, who lives on a space station. The path of the cars was even synchronised to match Stephanie’s own handwriting perfectly.

The stunt was officially recognized as “the largest tire track image ever” by Guinness World Records. You can watch the behind the scenes video below:


Google Chrome reinvents music history

The most obvious Abbey Road story is that of the Beatles, but the recording studio’s influence can be felt throughout music history. As Google tells us “even if you own a pair of stereo headphones, then you’ve been impacted by the work of Abbey Road”.

Now, Google Chrome has worked in partnership with the Abbey Road Studios to produce this interactive experience that allows you to step right through the world famous doors:

“150 different 360-degree panoramic images. As you walk through the studios, you’ll see YouTube videos and archival images from Abbey Road’s history—right where they originally happened. You can also play with pioneering equipment in specially designed interactive gadgets, such as the J37 4-track recorder that was used to record the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

Goosebumps ahoy, music fans.


Red Bull’s Naked Inspiration

“Millie Brown vomited on Lady Gaga and now she’s taking performance art to an even higher level”  

Higher that vomiting on Gaga? Tell us more.

Red Bull’s new Diplo@Large series follows influential modern artists, like Brown, through their creative process as they make new large public scale works. Another great example of why Red Bull are at the forefront of branded content. Check out the combination of text and autoplay video in a parallax scroll - mesmerising.