About Us

The Evidently Story

Founder Daniel Zeff started off making films (he completed a Masters degree in Film and Propaganda at the University of Amsterdam). He established Evidently as a creative content agency with authentic storytelling at its heart.

We've been creating content and helping brands change audience behaviour for over a decade.

Our Declaration: We hold these truths to be self evident-ly*

  1. Stories are how we make sense of the world
  2. A good story can be retold in one sentence to your mother
  3. Our private passions and personal obsessions are an important part of our work
  4. We trust our instincts and openly interrogate their meaning
  5. We’re geeks for our clients, constantly curious about their brands and how their audiences think and behave
  6. Everyone is part of the creative team, even finance and our client
  7. We don’t commit without consent
  8. We love helping people realise their greatness
  9. If it’s 99% right, it’s 100% wrong

*See what we did there?

  1. An imperfect solution now is infinitely better than a perfect solution never
  2. We treat clients as friends and place them at the heart of our business
  3. We focus on behaviour change because without that we’re just making landfill
  4. We get paid for the value we add
  5. We treat clients’ money and time as if it were our own
  6. We’re open amongst ourselves yet never spill the beans
  7. We find kind ways to say hard things and spill praise at the slightest opportunity
  8. We take a break in the day and do something fun